Conversion Between QuickBooks Versions

QuickBooks Desktop upgrade for sunsetters

Do you have an older version of QuickBooks and want to upgrade to the current version of Pro or Premier? If you use connected services such as a payroll subscription in your QuickBooks file, you are required to upgrade before your current version is “sunsetted”. The current year and back two years are considered current. Once you pass that mark, the version is sunsetted and the connected services will no longer be functional. We can get the latest version at a discount, and help you convert your file. Or if you already purchased the upgrade, we can help complete the steps to get you running the new version.

Conversions between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop

We can assist in the process whether you are converting to or from QuickBooks Online. While the functionality is similar, there are important differences to consider. But if you are already using QuickBooks, the learning curve will be a short one.

Mac Users

QuickBooks for Mac 2019 has arrived!  If you have QuickBooks for Mac 2016 or earlier, now is the time to upgrade.  Contact us for available discounts on software.

User Training

Training your team is crucial to a successful transition.

  • Users will learn the correct work flow for their job and how all the pieces work together.
  • Training can be for individuals or in groups to fit your needs.
  • Training is tailored for non-accountant users, bookkeepers/controllers and owners.
Quickbook Certifications

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